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Healthy Soil…

Soil is a living organism, intelligently designed and aerobically dominated. Like us, being living organisms, soil can suffer from malnourishment due to poor management and unhealthy growing practices. A disregard for the soil’s complexity and instinctive nature leads to a chain-effect of degradation, affecting the quality of life of everything that gets its nourishment from it.

hands in compost soil

Healthy Growing…

Soil is the source of life, in that it is where plants grow, obtain and absorb their nutrients and produce the food from which all life is sustained. The state of health of the soil directly affects the life and well being of the plants that grow in it and, subsequently, the life sustained from it. When soil is poorly managed it can’t maintain plant life as it was meant to be. The addition of chemicals to “fix” the soil has had a heavy hand in destroying it. A return of the soil to it’s natural and balanced condition, reintroducing crucial biology, is essential to life and health.

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Healthy Living…

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” What we feed our body has a direct relationship to the health of that body. Our food has become increasingly depleted of the nutrition it was meant to provide us. Our bodies have found it progressively more difficult to maintain health, fight off disease and to grow and thrive. Healthy soil produces healthy plant life, which feeds the natural world the essential elements needed for life – a healthy body through the nutrition you feed it, a healthy mind through our understanding of our value and a healthy soul through a relationship with the Creator of it all.

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Increase Yields, Build SoilHealth, and Create Sustainability

  • Conventional Commercial or Row-Crop Operation: Incorporate regenerative practices or just increase yields and improve the health of your crops.
  • Traditional or Transitional Farm: Use qualified products to maintain yield while transitioning to organic farming.
  • Organic Grower: High-quality, OMRI-listed, affordable fertility inputs to improve the health of your soil and crop yields, effectively combat pathogenic pressure naturally and promote a healthy grazing environment.

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A translation of observations made by Justus von Liebig, the father of NPK agriculture, in 1859

“I had sinned against the wisdom of our Creator, and received just punishment for it. I wanted to improve His handiwork and in my blindness I believed that in this wonderful chain of laws, which ties life to the surface of the earth and always keeps it rejuvenated, there might be a link missing that had to be replaced by me - this weak powerless nothing.

“The law, to which my research on the topsoil led me, states, On the outer crust of the earth, under the influence of the sun, organic life shall develop. And so, the Great Master and Builder gave the fragments of the earth the ability to attract and hold all these elements necessary to feed plants and further serve animals, like a magnet attracts and holds iron particles, so as no piece is lost. Our Master enclosed a second law unto this one, through which the plant bearing earth becomes an enormous cleansing apparatus for the water. Through this articular ability, the earth removes from the water all substances harmful to humans and animals - all products of decay and petrification, of perished plant and animal generations.

Justus von Liebig

“In times of old You founded the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands. Even they will perish, but You endure; all of them will wear out like a garment; like clothing, You will change them and they will pass away. But You are the same, and Your years will not come to an end.”

Psalm 102:25-27