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The Microbial Solutionfor Successful Regenerative Agriculture

25 Years in the Making

SYNTROPHY® delivers the widely known benefits of compost in liquid form (compost tea) to promote vigorous growth for all agricultural and horticultural operations.

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“Everything starts with a healthy soil.”
Michael Alms
CEO, Growing Solutions, Inc.

Convinced of this…

West of Eden has partnered with Growing Solutions, Inc. to produce SYNTROPHY® in the southeastern U.S.  Adhering to standards of utmost quality in production and transport, we deliver consistency and dependability that is ready to apply.

SYNTROPHY® helps you build healthy soil.

Key benefits of building a healthy and biologically active soil include:

  • Decreased input costs due to increased nutrient bioavailability;
  • Increased water-holding capacity due to improved soil organic matter levels;
  • Environmental stress management due to mitigation of excessive heat, salt build-up and soil compaction.
Syntrophy key benefits

Let us handle the MICROBIOLOGYso you can get back to GROWING!

Explore complete humus management solutions.

Are you a large-scale grower on a tight schedule?

We can mobilize anywhere in the southeast to produce SYNTROPHY® on-site, in tandem with your operational requirements.

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